Frequently Asked Questions About the Project

What is the Mexico Studies Project?

Mexico Studies is my pet project that started out as a loose-leaf binder into which I added all sorts of facts about México. I started organizing facts about México because I realized that the México I knew was not what everyone else saw. A false narrative has been created for political purposes. I have made it my mission in life to create the record about México, both Mexicans and foreigners alike. You can learn more about the project by visiting this link.

I want to use your content in my research paper or on my project, can I do so?

Yes, but please remember to appropriately cite the information in your project.
Here is a suggested citation:
Paredes, Martín; The Mexico Studies Project, (; the link where the content is located followed by the date you accessed it.
At bare minimum, citations should include my name, Martín Paredes, the project: Mexico Studies and the URL of the project:
Please do not hotlink or use the images from this page.
I would appreciate knowing when you use my content. Please send me a link via my personal webpage found here.

What is the copyright of the projects?

Unless specifically posted otherwise, all content is copyright Martín Paredes ( and all rights are reserved.

How can I trust the information you post here?

The simple answer is that it is my belief that everyone should question everything that they are told or they read. It is this lack of questioning that I believe has led to false narratives being created. That said, I provide sources to the information and the data where appropriate, so that the reader can make their own determination about the veracity of the content. The only thing I have is my credibility, if I provide erroneous information, then visitors will not take my content seriously, which defeats the purpose of my project.

How do I contact you?

Through my personal page following this link.

Who pays you for this website?

No one does. I derive a small amount of Google advertising revenues from my pages. Additionally, I receive small donations via my network of pages from readers, such as yourself, that find my content compelling and want to help me to continue creating content. I personally create the content and pay for hosting and other services as needed.

Can I support your project?

Although it is not required to view the content, I do appreciate any support that readers wish to offer me. There is a Support the Project button on each page that makes it easy for anyone to send me a donation via PayPal, if they so desire.

Is Mexico Studies a government supported project?

No governmental funds are used to create the content or maintain the network of pages.

How do I submit a correction?

Please send corrections and suggested clarifications to me via my personal page at this link.

Can I suggest a topic?

Yes, please send it to me via my personal page at this link.

How will I know when a new topic is added?

The easiest way is to sign up for my newsletter using the sign-up box found in all the pages.

I signed up for your newsletter, what are you going to do with my email address?

I will periodically send you emails to notify you of a new page or website that I have added to the project. I will never sell nor share your email address with anyone. You may opt-out at any time by clicking on the link of each email you receive from my project.

How do you select the topics that you post?

I pick topics as they interest me, or they become part of the national narrative.

Why is the page in English and not in Spanish?

I started my project in response to ongoing discussions I had with friends in the United States. As such, the project started out in English. Eventually, I plan on making a Spanish version of the content, but for now, because of time limitations I produce content in English as my target audience generally speaks English.

I have a similar or complementary project; would you add it to your link page?

I will consider your project for a link on my links page. Please send it to me via my personal page found at here.

Are you ever going to finish the website?

I do not believe so. There is so much information that needs to be created and posted and I am limited by the time I can devote to the project.

Who are you?

My name is Martín Paredes and I was born and raised in México. I am a citizen of México who currently lives in Orlando, Florida. You can learn more about me by visiting my personal page by following this link.

How can you live here and not be a citizen? Are you undocumented?

No, I am legally living in the United States. You do not have to be a citizen to legally live in the country.

Where is your blog?

I blog about border issues at El Paso News and about geo-politics and México-U.S. issues at SocialUnwind.

Do you hate Donald Trump?

No, I do not hate Donald Trump. I hate that he has allowed hatred to dominate the México-U.S. relationship for political purposes. The election of Donald Trump forced me to expedite my Mexico Studies projects to counter the false narrative that Donald Trump has exasperated about my country.

You are a Mexican national, what gives you the right to opine about U.S. politics?

I am under the impression that the U.S. Constitution does not impose a limit on the freedom of expression because of nationality.

Why don’t you just go back to your country?

I am under the impression that the United States Constitution not only guarantees me the right to free expression, but it also encourages me to contribute to the country in my own way.